2016 Filmmaking Journey

I've had more directing opportunities come my way this year than I have ever had before. Certain projects came my way that were not initiated by any of my pitches but by recommendations from former colleagues. It's been quite an adventure thus far: directing music videos, social media campaigns and documentary segments. 

I continue to edit, jockeying between Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro...becoming proficient on the two platforms. I have been editing segments for single and multi camera productions. There is never just one tool to use, as I've had find different techniques to work within certain financial constraints...or limited resources. 

I look forward to finishing the year as I am prepping our last Holiday Alumni Summit at The Los Angeles Film School, a yearly gathering for Full Sail University and LAFS of alumni. This year I am putting together a panel discussion about inclusion in the film industry, female and male working styles, film directing and Internet marketing. 

While there is a lot to do, I look forward to building my company Film Bliss Studios for the next few months. 
-Mario J. Novoa

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