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HOW TO TELL AND SELL YOUR STORY WITH MARIO J. NOVOA | Outfest Fusion | March 14, 2016 730P

Image STORYTELLING WORKSHOP WITH MARIO J. NOVOA Date:  March 14, 2016 Time:  7:30 PM Location:  Outfest 3470 Wilshire Blvd Suite 935., Los Angeles, CA 90010 Mario J. Novoa shares insider strategies to empower indie content creators. Topics include: how to use social media to brand yourself, how to benefit from the digital democratization of high quality-low cost production tools, how to monetize online distribution platforms, and finally how to get your voice heard by using your personal story as an entry point to developing new content.  

How Much Does An American Indie Producer Get Paid? | Hope for Film

How Much Does An American Indie Producer Get Paid? | Hope for Film How Much Does An American  Indie Producer Get Paid? By Ted Hope | Hope for Film August 26, 2011 at 12:30PM Even if we are not in it for the money,  it does not mean we shouldn't be rewarded fairly for our knowledge,  labor, services, expertise, relationships, and talent.  It doesn't happen much.  If you are either starting out or already  at an expert level,  what can you expect to earn producing in the  American Indie Film Industry,  circa 2011. It is often said by financiers that one of the problems with the film biz is that producers do not have enough "skin in the game". They frequently think that the services Producers provide may not be worth the price they pay. I beg to differ, and I think if they feel that way they are working with the wrong producers. I think a fair rule of thumb of what to pay for an expert producer, i s five percent (5%) of

My Favorite Film: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Cinematography of Douglas Slocombe

A Look Back: The Iconic Cinematography of Douglas Slocombe | A Look Back: The Iconic Cinematography of Douglas Slocombe by  Alex Billington May 20, 2008 Source:   FXRant One of the many brilliant aspects of the original three  Indiana Jones  films is their cinematography. Shot by the now 95-years-old  Douglas Slocombe , the cinematography in  Raiders ,  Doom , and  Crusade  is at the same time both gorgeous and gritty enough to produce a classic B-movie feeling. Slocombe was actually nominated for an Oscar in 1982 for  Raiders of the Lost Ark , but ended up losing to  Reds . Inspired by two great posts over at  FXRant , I thought we'd take a look back at the iconic work of Slocombe in the original three  Indiana Jones  films. In retrospect, it definitely was the cinematography that truly turned Jones and his fedora into the iconic hero that he is today! We'll save the best for last and start with Slocombe's focus on  eyes . Of course, this is

Ava DuVernay - Keynote Address | 2013 Film Independent Forum

Hang up your desperation and make a movie. Watch Ava DuVernay 's Keynote Address at Film Independent's Film Independent Forum. Ava DuVernay IMDB: Film Independent I am 1999 Film Independent Fellow and continue to support this wonderful film organization!

Meet Butch Chicana Lesbian Legend Nancy Valverde! | Nancy From Eastside Clover now streaming free on Vimeo

Meet Butch Chicana Lesbian Legend Nancy Valverde! Our award winning short film NANCY FROM EAST SIDE CLOVER is now available to view online freely. Produced by M ario J. Novoa. Winner: AUDIENCE AWARD, SEATTLE LESBIAN AND GAY FILM FESTIVAL Winner: JURY AWARD, QFLIX PHILADELPHIA Winner: JURY AWARD, OUTFLIX MEMPHIS Winner: AUDIENCE FAVORITE, OUTFLIX MEMPHIS Winner: AUDIENCE AWARD, SOUTHWEST GAY AND LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL Nancy From East Side Clover from L.A. A Queer History on Vimeo .

Video Lighting: Flo vs LED vs Tungsten--Pros and Cons of Each Video Light

Each type of light you can get for video and filmmaking has its pros and cons—there isn't one ultimate light. It all depends on the type of shooting that you're doing and what your priorities are for your projects. In this episode we look at the pros and cons of LED, Fluorescent, and Tungsten lights so that when it comes time for you to buy, you can make a better decision. We'll also look at the practical visual differences between these lights when it comes to color rendering—you might be surprised!

FCP X 10.2.3 is out, here’s how to get the most from it. - FCPWORKS

•Customizable Default Video/Audio Effect Now with audio and video as separate customizable effects. The default audio and video effects are EQ and color corrector out of the box. So if you happen to have a different favorite audio or video filter you’d like to choose as your default and apply via a keyboard shortcut you’ll be all set. Keyboard shortcuts are  ⌥⌘E  for Add Default Audio Effect, and  ⌥E  for Add Default Video Effect.  •Faster Performance for Libraries on a SAN This is a mighty feat of engineering that has been desired since Final Cut X was first released way back in 2011. If you’re not working in a shared environment with other editors this is not something you care about. This feature opens up huge new workflow potential and is a major leap forward toward X’s viability in more enterprise grade post/broadcast environments. However if you do work across a SAN, this is really critical. It now means Libraries can be kept on a SAN volume without the performance hit normal

TCM Classic Film Fest: Robert Benton on His Films, Dyslexia and Directing Tricks (Video) - Hollywood Reporter

TCM Classic Film Fest: Robert Benton on His Films, Dyslexia and Directing Tricks (Video) - Hollywood Reporter Robert Benton co-wrote "Bonnie and Clyde" and wrote and directed "Kramer vs. Kramer" and "Places in the Heart," winning Oscars for both, talks to THR.