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Billionaire Buck in Around Da Way - Directed by LAFS Alumnus David Ortiz

With little money and resources, I was able to collaborate with first time director David Ortiz on creating a music video for Billionaire Buck, "Around Da Way". As a production manager and consultant, I tried to find a way to guide David in making a high quality music video that would pop. The challenges were great for both of us, but David and I used our knowledge and resources to make the production happen. Our small valiant crew, put in all their efforts and enthusiasm behind the production. DP Ana Marie Manzo delivered an artistic and pragmatic approach, and captured great moments in the camera. Ana was stealthy and vigilant making sure that the imagery captured the essence of the artist. Her crew consisted of Stanley Chen, Henry Power, Moses Navarro and Alan Yuen, all of whom were great collaborators. Skully Carillo kept the artist fresh under the hot Compton summer days, and made sure there was no sweat or smears on the face. David Ortiz took on the challenge

Michael Curtiz Directed Over 170 Films! Casablanca Was Just One of Them

Michael Curtiz Biography & Filmmaker Montage American director of Hungarian origin, Oscar-winner. He received his diploma from the School for Dramatic Arts in 1906. He then went to live in Pécs, then Szeged. He made his first film in 1912. The next year he went on a study tour to Denmark to study the newest achievements of the new art in the studios of the then flourishing Nordisk company. Here he worked as assistant and director, acting as the main character in  Atlantis  (1913). Having returned in 1914, he went to the  Jenö Janovics  film production company in Kolozsvár (Cluj). In 1915, he moved back to the capital. In 1916 he worked for Kinoriport, then as a director for Phönix until late 1918. He shot a total of 38 films in Hungary. In 1919, he filmed the popular poem by  Antal Farkas  with the title  Jön az öcsém  (1919). During the Commune, he settled down in Vienna. He was one of the most productive and most educated artists in Hungary at the beginning of the sile

The History of Aspect Ratio by FilmmakerIQ


MacBreak Studio Ep. 279 - Cinemagraphs in FCP X and Motion

This week on MacBreak Studio, Mark shows Steve from Ripple Training how to create cinema graphs in both Final Cut Pro and Motion. The 8-point matte that they mention at the end is available asp art of Ripple Tools:

New Opportunities for Monetizing Premium Video

New Opportunities for Monetizing Premium Video This panel of experts representing different stakeholders in the premium video ecosystem will explore not only the peril, but also the promise, of digital distribution and new opportunities to monetize video.

ROBIN WILLIAMS & ELIJAH WOOD: Oscar Oops + Jack Nicholson Impressions (T...

Robin Williams Helps Matt Damon with His Monologue

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Robin Williams Helps Matt Damon with His Monologue

Robin Williams Pt. 2 Interview on Conan O'Brien

Robin Williams Interview on Conan O'Brien

Robin Williams Interview 2

Robin Williams on Conan Obrian

Robin Williams 1993

ROBIN WILLIAMS has got game in this 1993 appearance on Dave Letterman

Robin Williams Crazy First Appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

Robin Williams' first appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson is so wacky that Robin has to calm himself down and drink from Johnny's mug. Airdate 10/14/1981. Watch more Robin Williams at  and more comedians on the Tonight Show .

Burghart and Ricciotti share the standard camera package used by VICE DPs

In this video, Burghart and Ricciotti share the standard camera package used by VICE DPs, as well as their customized  C300  rigs that they regularly take into protests, war zones, and international conflicts of every shape and size. VICE on HBO takes you deep into the world’s biggest political and cultural clashes. To capture the hair-raising stories you see on screen, VICE Media’s Director of Photography Jake Burghart and Segment DP Jerry Ricciotti are no strangers to shooting in extreme conditions -- and need reliable gear to keep up with their immersive documentary shooting style. Find out why Jake and Jerry turn to the Canon EOS C300, XF105, XF305, and 5D Mark III to get the job done and learn how they configure their cameras while shooting in hostile environments. Then, check out their work by watching VICE on HBO, Fridays at 11PM.

Kevin Smith Describes What He Saw On The Star Wars Episode VII Set

The Theory of Everything - Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD

The Theory of Everything  is an upcoming 2014 British  biopic - drama  based on the life of physicist  Stephen Hawking . It stars  Eddie Redmayne  as Hawking and  Felicity Jones  as his now ex-wife Jane and chronicles their relationship, from his early development of ALS to his success in physics. It is scheduled to be screened in the Special Presentations section of the  2014 Toronto International Film Festival . [3]  The film has a release date of November 7, 2014. [4] The film portrays their relationship, which led Hawking through personal and scientific challenges as well as breakthroughs. Wilde’s memoir, “Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen,” served as inspiration for the film.

Creative Spark: Dustin Lance Black

The creative processes involved in writing a screenplay  are as varied as the writers who work on them. In this video Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black— Milk ,   J. Edgar — takes us through his own process, from how he goes about researching to how he lays out scenes written on hundreds of index cards. via and Academy YouTube channel Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black ("Milk," "J. Edgar") takes viewers inside his creative process in an exploration of where ideas come from.

Ken Burns Effect on FCP X

Ripple Training How to use the Ken Burns Effect to reveal different parts of a photo without using key frames.

Get Writing Online in Your Celtx Studio

I just starting using Celtx after a long absence, and it has been a life saver especially working on an indie film. It's great tool for any production. "Have an idea for a story you want to see on the screen or stage? With Celtx studios, you can get started right away inside your web browser, collaborate with a team and sync to desktop software and mobile apps."

Celtx 101

This video is a quick overview of how the Celtx ecosystem of cloud, desktop & mobile apps can work for you and your team.

The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video

Walter Murch and Jon Favreau: Movies in Your Brain

Oscar-winning film editor and sound designer Walter Murch and director Jon Favreau discuss the editing of The Conversation and the viewer response to Chef at the Academy event "Movies in Your Brain: The Science of Cinematic Perception"

What’s The Best Price Point To Sell An Independent Movie by Mike Hedge