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Attend the "Create and Produce Filmmakers Workshop"

Attend the "Create and Produce Filmmakers Workshop" and learn how to pitch and create your project, and network with filmmakers. Panel includes Stephen H. Snyder, Mario J. Novoa, Joseph Joseph Armillas. RSVP today DESCRIPTION Rather you are an aspiring writer, producer or freelance film maker this The Create and Produce Workshop offers a unique approach to taking your story from Idea to Screen. Attendees from all walks of production are invited to attend as there is a networking event where filmmakers can connect and crew up.  11:00 - 12:00 Pitch to Production Everyone has a great idea or story to share, but how do you share it effectively to your audience? Even with the best verbal pitch; your audience needs to visually see it or its just a concept. Learn strategies to communicate your idea on paper and participate in an interactive session where attendees will

Moonlight took its trio of Oscar wins including Best Picture to the bank

Moonlight  took its trio of Oscar wins including Best Picture to the bank, expanding to well over fifteen hundred theaters over the weekend, more than the past two Best Picture winners,  Spotlight  and  Birdman , by a few hundred.  Moonlight  grossed $2.5M in a total of 1,564 theaters, averaging $1,618. The gross brought  Moonlight ’s total to over $25.3M. Post Oscar Best Picture win last year, Open Road’s  Spotlight  grossed over $1.76M in 1,227 theaters the weekend after the Academy Awards, averaging $1,439. The film went on to cume over $45M. Searchlight’s  Birdman  capitalized on its win in 1,213 theaters, grossing over $1.9M ($1,586 average). It went on to cume $42.3M, so  Moonlight  has a ways to go before meeting its brethren.

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