Attend the "Create and Produce Filmmakers Workshop"

Attend the "Create and Produce Filmmakers Workshop" and learn how to pitch and create your project, and network with filmmakers. Panel includes Stephen H. Snyder, Mario J. Novoa, Joseph Joseph Armillas. RSVP today


Rather you are an aspiring writer, producer or freelance film maker this The Create and Produce Workshop offers a unique approach to taking your story from Idea to Screen. Attendees from all walks of production are invited to attend as there is a networking event where filmmakers can connect and crew up. 

11:00 - 12:00 Pitch to Production

Everyone has a great idea or story to share, but how do you share it effectively to your audience? Even with the best verbal pitch; your audience needs to visually see it or its just a concept. Learn strategies to communicate your idea on paper and participate in an interactive session where attendees will create a Pitch Deck. Perfect for filmmakers looking to pitch their idea to producers or crowdfunding, attendees will receive templates and resources to create future decks and customize them per project.

12:00 - 1:00 Taking the Next Step

Networks and Online Distributors are looking for content, show them an idea of your project or concept on screen to close the deal. Learn how to produce Sizzle Reels, Webisodes and Media to use to submit to networks, crowdfunding and audiences. A crash course in producing independent projects with limited budgets to gain an audience. 

1:00 to 1:30 Build Your Crew - Networking Event

The Create and Produce Workshop is open to all aspiring Writers, Producers, Editors, Cinematographers, Colorist, Sound Engineers... Basically all walks of the film spectrum. Network with filmmakers who are hungry to create content ; Bring Buisness Cards, Headshots, or just have your social media ready to connect with other filmmakers.
All Attendees will receive a digital download of "Tell Your Story"#NoExcuses by Donre Walker. A ebook which gives tips to film filmmaking & resources to find vendors, contractors to produce.
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