When Tezuka Osamu met Walt Disney

“I admire Walt Disney, I am charmed by Walt Disney, and I decided my career inspired by Walt Disney. And I met him in New York, or, I should say, I just walked past him. On the opening day of New York World’s Fair, 

I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk to him. I came across him leaving the stage just after delivering the speech. 

I got nervous but somehow introduced myself to him.   

‘I am a head of a Japanese animation studio.’

‘Nice to have you here.’

‘I am the one who made Astro Boy.’

‘Really? I know Astro Boy. I saw the work in Los Angeles. It’s a great work.”

‘Thank you very much. My staff would be honored. Well, may I have your comment about the work?’

‘It’s a very interesting Sci-Fi story. Future children are looking toward the space. So I, myself, think about making Sci Fi, too.  If you have time, visit me in Burbank.’ 

(by Tezuka Osamu)

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