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Fight Song directed by Mario J. Novoa

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Most People Are Afraid To Follow Their Passion, Even For One Year

Creative Spark: Rick Carter | Production Designer "Forrest Gump", "Avatar", "Jurassic Park"

The Editing Genius of Steven Spielberg Editor Michael Kahn

Composing a Film Score (Part 1): an in-depth look (Logic Pro X)

Steven Spielberg: Bridge of Spies

The Baby Cries | October 9th, 2015 at the | Tampa Bay International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival!

Nancy From East Side Clover | Sacramento International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

LA Doculink Meeting: Fundraising for the Documentary! Meet the Funders 8...

Spielberg lines up a shot of Tom Hanks on the set of Bridge of Spies.

The Baby Cries by Mario J. Novoa