LA Doculink Meeting: Fundraising for the Documentary! Meet the Funders 8...

I've been involved in writing grant applications for two years, some successful, some not so successful. Part of writing applications is doing research on what grant foundations like CalHumanities, Sundance Documentary Grant and The Fledging Fund are looking for. No application is like the next, so you are constantly tweaking you narrative...your pitch, so that it resonates with organization's mission. I have a long list of fund granting institutions but not all are good fits for my current round of applications. If you are pursuing the grant funding route, make sure you do your homework and be prepared to rewrite extensively. Don't stop until you meet your first goal. You can do it! For starters check out this video from LA Doculink Meeting called "Fundraising for the Documentary! Meet the Funders". It's from 2012, so it's a little dated, but the information is useful. Good luck documentary filmmakers!

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