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City Lights

Charlie Chaplin's heart-warming story about a "tramp" that falls in love with a blind woman, is so touching and moving. One of my favorite Chaplin films.

Disney and Lucasfilm Get Married

Glad to know Kathleen Kennedy will be the President. A new Star Wars film in 2015! Perhaps the old original gang will be back together again?

Cloud Atlas - An Intense Fulfilling Adventure

After an intense day of writing, I slammed my laptop and ran to the Cinerama Dome to watch a film on the top of my list, Cloud Atlas. Catching the tail end of the Gangster Squad trailer, I closed my eyes, gave thanks and awaited my 2001: A Space Odyssey moment. Well, what else could I compare it to? The trailers and promos looked amazing:  snippets of Sci-Fi drama, romance, passion, inner-space, death. And who wouldn't want to see a movie behind the filmmakers of Run Lola Run and The Matrix? The film did not disappoint but exceeded my expectations (Yes, I had many cynical expectations!). As I sat in The Dome I experienced a profound baptism of stories that traveled through the ages: past, present, future. Stories that hit on many themes with a subtle touch of melancholy. I was so immersed in each story, that it was hard to transition from one story to the next (but that was the intent). The film was crafted in a way that you only received bits of story lines at a time. On