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Star Wars | See Episodes I-III with clearer eyes

Now that Star Wars is back, maybe it’s possible to see Episodes I-III with clearer eyes. The allegory was undercooked, but there’s a way of reading Episode III in particular as George Lucas’s response to the Bush era, overflowing with incoherent yet tantalizing ideas about how fascism arises from democracy. Rogue One looks, from the outside, like the anti- Phantom Menace : fewer Jedi, less politics, more guns, more actual wars than stars.

George Lucas & Steven Spielberg through the years | Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images George Lucas & Steven Spielberg, "through the years", a slideshow I created using Getty Images. As a fan of these two famous filmmakers, I realized how far these guys have come, working together almost 40 years. They've maintained their friendship and collaboration an industry known for messy, drawn out disagreements. What do you think their secret is to maintaining such a strong partnership?