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“Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.” That was the mantra of my first producing teacher, David Garcia, at The Los Angeles Film School. Dan Cotreau, who is always preparing for anything and everything, has been hard at work for months, diligently creating budgets, schedules, shots and logistical plans for TRONA. As most of you know, making a movie is a collaborative medium and there are many people that have jumped in to help Dan prepare for TRONA.

Beginning with the script, Dan and Kelly Cotreau have gone back and forth making sure we had a strong story, breaking down plot to find the center of motivation and purpose of TRONA. Dan and Ashley Parker Angel have discussed the particulars of each character to bring truth to their performances. This aspect of production is arduous but necessary in order for our audience to become invested in the journey of these characters. 

On the logistical side of this production, Dan and I have spent hours discussing shots, cameras, sound, lenses and all the elements needed to create this film. We have worked together professionally many times since 2000, enduring both failures and successes on other projects.  Our hope is to use those experiences to better our next production. The producing side is never easy or fun, but all the behind-the-scenes planning will help us make this film.  We're excited to have all the elements come together as we start moving into the art and technical side of production.

A great deal of time has been spent preparing for the shoot and we are looking forward to bringing you an inspiring story that takes place on a desolate part of the planet. TRONA is a story about love, family and survival. Stay tuned to more blog entries from the director, producers, actors and other collaborators, as we move in front of the camera and create movie magic.

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