Theatrical Distribution with TUGG


In this episode Laura talks with guest expert Nick Gonda who shares insights and tips on:
♦ How to turn your screenings into a complete film experience that engages your audience and allows you to create a deeper connection with your community of fans
♦ How to get your films into theatres without financial risk or any major upfront costs
♦ How to successfully promote your event screenings and sell more tickets
♦ Ways to monetize your theatrical release or event tour
♦ How to set the right ticket price for your film and audience
♦ How to quickly and easily increase revenue with your theatrical release
♦ The 3 stages of a theatrical release strategy
♦ The #1 thing you must consider with your theatrical release
♦ How much prep time is required to execute a successful release campaign
♦ The deliverables every filmmaker needs to provide to a theatre
♦ The first step to get started with your theatrical release through TUGG

fi-podcast-nick-gondaNick Gonda, Guest

Producer | Co-Founder, TUGG
Nicolas Gonda is a respected producer and co-founder ofTUGG, a web-platform that enables audiences to choose the films that play in their local theaters, empowering viewers to have an active role in movie distribution, and which provides an opportunity for filmmakers to theatrically distribute their films without financial risk or high upfront distribution costs.
Nick began his film career as an intern at Focus Features, where he became involved in Academy Award winning films including The Pianist and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In 2005, Gonda began working with Terrence Malick, and has since become a key member of the iconic director’s inner circle. He’s worked on The New World and is a producer on the filmsTree of LifeTo The Wonder, and Knight of Cups.
Theatrical Distribution with TUGG

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