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It's the middle of 2015, and I've been busy shooting and editing a number of film narratives and documentaries, like Nelly Queen:The Life and Times of Jose Sarria. It's been a year of ups and downs, twists and turns, but I am really excited about the future. I've had the chance to work with so many cool collaborators: Patricia C. OvandoAntonio Contreras Aviance, Gregorio Davila, Dan CotreauKelly CotreauDante AlencastreJoe CastelWilliam SmithLow-Key OrtizMorgan Coffman and many others.

Trona The Movie was released this week on VimeoGregorio Adam Davila is editing L.A. A Queer History, while Nancy From Eastside Clover goes international at film festivals. The Baby Cries - A Mario J. Novoa Film is getting a new score and being prepped for an online release. Gay Latino Los Angelesis getting remastered and I'll be editing part 2 in a few months. Tonight "Ay Jose" will be screened at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival ! ‪#‎Excited‬‪#‎nervous‬ Film Bliss Studios is full speed ahead for 2016!

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