Film Score Obsession

My film score obsession began in choir and later expanded when I started playing the clarinet at John Marshall Elementary School in Glendale CA. I was obsessed with music in the weirdest way. I enjoyed the harmonies and the melodies. The brass and wind instruments, playing along with strings and percussion would make so happy. The joy that we all felt as new students and playing in harmony with each other was very special. Since I loved films so much at the age, I became aware of the power of film scores. I would tear up after watching the magic of E.T. and the John Williams score melodically caressing my ears from the screen. When I played with the school orchestra, I could feel the same magic. This obsession continues to this day, but now I approach music from a filmmaking point of view. Film music is integral to my work and I am looking forward to my next set of film projects which includes orchestral music. 

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