The Baby Cries: Production Management

On January 5th 2013, The Baby Cries began principle photography. Through an exhaustive pre-production process, the production management team began to roll out the plans that were initiated months ago. Producers Kristen Wair and Mario J. Novoa worked for a number of weeks to cover logistics using an online production management platform called that helped guide schedule, contact information and crew responsibilities. Using this online platform allowed production crew "real time" access to vital information regarding the  film shoot. As we move into the post-production phase, we are still using this platform to gain insight into the management side and to understand how to efficiently run future production schedules. Having information available to all crew is an essential tool to making sure communication is available at all levels. As small as our indie production was, the production ran very efficiently and allowed for necessary changes on the set. It's great that technology is catching up in the film industry where practical models can be analyzed and reconfigured for indie film productions.

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