The Baby Cries - Directing the Rehearsal

(from left Mario J. Novoa, DP Dan Cotreau and Actor Miriam Peniche. Photo by Sacha Barry) 

Learning from previous experiences and allowing enough prep time, I wanted to really pursue the art of cinema from a different vantage point. My primary goals were to allow the actors the space to explore the location we would be shooting in. This would allow the actors to see how best to use and take ownership of their domain. My other goal was to understand how best to use the camera in that same space. I've learned from master filmmakers that allowing yourself to explore the film frame and the performance, would give you the opportunity to shoot what you envisioned. So as we played in the sandbox today, I was able to see all the opportunities. In the next few weeks I will refine what my intentions were and what I learned today.

Thanks to my awesome Cast & Crew today!

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