Location Based Advertising

Hollywood Video rental stores went down in flames a few years back because of it’s lack of vision and competition with Netflix. I was a store manager in Pasadena, CA when I saw a mass migration of customers too Netflix. There were many tools that could have been used to help promote Hollywood Video on the internet, put the company opted to increase late fees and other ineffective profit goals that eventually killed it’s operations. Having a tool like “location based marketing” could have enticed our customer’s to pay us a visit and receive discounts while at the store. Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but whatever company fuses this tool to their advertising goals could gain new customers and retain their loyal base. In the article, "Understanding Location-based Advertising.", geo-fencing was a concept I thought sounded complicated, but in reality many metro areas can speak to their population with accuracy by using this technique. Knowing how to integrate its use can be beneficial for “mom-n-pop” operations, as opposed to well known corporate brands. I think using “location based advertising” is essential for brick-n-mortar companies and institutions, I can’t wait to apply it. It’s to bad Hollywood Video is no longer around to take advantage of this innovation. 

The use of GPS and its ability to target your location with accuracy is cool and scary at the same time. I have used the GPS with Google Maps and have been able to find advantages with this system and I like it...especially when visiting new cities. I also like the opportunities one can gain by having coupons pop up for purchases I wasn't thinking about. It's fantastic and can be a win-win for all parties, especially my wallet. 

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