MARTIN SCORSESE: Tribute Montage to a Master

Filmography from Wikipedia[edit]

TitleRelease dateStudioBudgetGrossRotten Tomatoes
Who's That Knocking at My DoorNovember 15, 1967Joseph Brenner Associates$75 thousandN/AN/A
Boxcar BerthaJune 14, 1972American International Pictures$600 thousandN/AN/A
Mean StreetsOctober 2, 1973Warner Bros.$500 thousand$3 million98%[146]
Alice Doesn't Live Here AnymoreDecember 9, 1974$1 million$21 million95%[147]
Taxi DriverFebruary 8, 1976Columbia Pictures$1.3 million$28 million98%[148]
New York, New YorkJune 21, 1977United Artists$14 million$13 million67%[149]
Raging BullDecember 19, 1980$18 million$23 million98%[150]
The King of ComedyFebruary 18, 198320th Century Fox$19 million$2 million91%[151]
After HoursSeptember 13, 1985Warner Bros.$4.5 million$10.6 million90%[152]
The Color of MoneyOctober 17, 1986Touchstone Pictures$13.8 million$52 million92%[153]
The Last Temptation of ChristAugust 12, 1988Universal Studios$7 million$8 million83%[154]
GoodfellasSeptember 19, 1990Warner Bros.$25 million$46 million96%[155]
Cape FearNovember 13, 1991Universal Studios$35 million$182 million76%[156]
The Age of InnocenceSeptember 17, 1993Columbia Pictures$34 million$32 million80%[157]
CasinoNovember 22, 1995Universal Studios$52 million [158]$116 million80%[159]
KundunDecember 25, 1997Touchstone Pictures$20 million$5.5 million76%
Bringing Out the DeadOctober 22, 1999Paramount Pictures
Touchstone Pictures
$55 million$12 million71%[160]
Gangs of New YorkDecember 20, 2002Miramax Films
Touchstone Pictures
$97 million$193 million75%[161]
The AviatorDecember 25, 2004Warner Bros.$110 million$213 million87%[162]
The DepartedOctober 6, 2006$90 million$289 million92%[163]
Shutter IslandFebruary 19, 2010Paramount Pictures$80 million$294 million69%[164]
HugoNovember 23, 2011$150 million$185 million94%
The Wolf of Wall StreetDecember 25, 2013$100 million$392 million77%[165]

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